June 7, 2017

Paint the Black Hole

Things might have been quite ugly this time around. I had no inspiration whatsoever I didn't even know what I wanted to do. "Is this way even right? Should I go back? Let it be a dead end?" kept coming up in my head, almost drove me insane. It would be a dead end if today I don't start walking again. I have postponed everything that my progress was running slow. It's not good, will be never be good. The distraction I did should be more than enough. I'm back to where I should be. I will make things again since now I have more times for myself. These days around I will post more blog entries for all of my previous photoshoot. The inspiration I'd be looking for might be everywhere I just need to enforce myself more to take a good look at the very corner of everything tho it's very little but I might come up with more ideas. Just walk and walk. Should it be necessary I will be faster, I will run and catch up with everything.

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