March 2, 2017

Lost Kiddo

Ok, people have been mentioning that they like pics I and my friend took in Malioboro, if you haven't seen it already you can check it on my post ((here)). They said that it looked like I was in Japan or South Korea haha. Well, so this is the second time we do a photoshoot in Malioboro. Actually there was a concept to this, but the problem was we worked in two - like we always do - so I took her photos and she did mine. We couldn't really pull of this photoshoot as a concept since there was nobody to take pics of me and her in a frame. So yeah, here you go. And about my outfits, I think my concept was like "a peculiar kid who runs away from home" or something along the line haha. I wore a friend's oversized hoodie, knee-high socks I got from Newchic, and my dear Converse. The one under my knee is a choker, not that the socks has love ring like that. And well, the reason why we chose Malioboro again was that we needed crowds. Malioboro is soooo crowded nowadays, it attracts more and more people to come since it has fully constructed. The problem was just, everybody also took pics there so it was like how we wouldn't get in their way and vice versa. Really tho, if you haven't visited the new Malioboro yet, you should. Make sure to dress up nicely and take tons of pics.

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