February 14, 2017

Short Hair I Do Care

If you ever watched my Instagram stories, yes, I did let my friend cut my hair at food stall on the street haha. I almost cried at that time cause it didn't suppose to end up so damn short like that. I asked her to cut it a bit so it would be a hime hairstyle. Accident happened, so this was what we came up. I didn't even know what to do or what to say, that was my shortest haircut in my entire life ever! That was crazy. Insane. I don't know. I don't even know! On the next day, I even bought a shampoo in which it would make my hair grows faster. I took photos of my selfie on Instagram stories, friends replied to me that it was okay it was fine. Then several days later, I was going like "well, okay..." with this haircut. On the positive side, it could be a trademark like nobody would come up with this haircut like goddamn who wants to cut their hair like this, even I'm not sure whether I should thank my friend or not for this haircut. And the question for now is, should I keep this or let it grow...

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