January 21, 2017

Sailing to The Untouched You

Since kid, I always adore London, beside Tokyo, that I also love how the people there get themselves dressed. Their preferences influence me a lot on how I pick clothes to buy and to wear. The items and details are cute, I want to wear them all. And not too long ago, Yoins sent me a beret that I got as a gift again from them. I was so happy that I finally got this item in hand, so I could finally put this on my head and live the dream I was imagining. One problem tho, either my head apparently is too big or this beret is too small, it doesn't really form a circle in my head perfectly and I kind of have a hard time to put this on. But well, I guess that's all I have for now and I need to make it work. Oh yeah, still, for this look I kind of added a little bit twist from Japanese trend like heart-ring choker and igari makeup. What I want to say is, I currently am living one of my dream; being myself and expressing the soul inside with no boundaries because I can.

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