January 10, 2017

I Don't Really Buy Clothes

Ok, seriously. I've been really broke that I can only afford myself to buy cheap foods on the street and pay to use a dance studio. 2016 was such an amazing year, really, like I know exactly how it felt when you had much money on your pocket and months later you had almost nothing. I might lose the money, my monthly income, my source of glory, but at the same time I also learn something much more within myself. I know what I want to do in my life. I found what I really wanted for so long that I ignored for such a long time just because I thought that would be impossible. I want to dance, I want to do well on expressing myself on the stage, I want to take photographs, I want to modelling, I want to act on a scene, I want to write my thoughts, I want to create music, I want to dress myself well and wear my own makeup look, and simply I want to be alive. I will live my dreams.

I also seriously am very much aware of what I'm doing. To get pass through all that, I've fought episodes of drama. That thing, I will write about that later. As for now, I want you all to know that I've settled down, my life purpose is.
Oh yeah, and about this outfit, I just got a new bomber jacket that I wanted for so long. And I got it for free as a gift from Yoins, very much yay! As I don't buy clothes anymore for now, I'm back to my own Polyvore account and do a favor about it. I promote brands' items and I get coupon codes to shop at their stores. Well, if I'm a bit lucky, sometimes, they would pay me money via Paypal. These things are what I do to support my needs. It's really nothing much, like all I eat may be a bread toast or instant noodle, but I promise myself that I will upgrade. I just need to hang in there and make everything works.

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