January 18, 2017

Combining Photography and Fashion Styling

This photo session was actually me and my friend's first trial of a real "photo session" like we would want this to look as close to professional but still speaks up our vibes, each vibes. Well, I only post mine in this page, for my friend's I took you can catch mine on Deviantart page. This was like very raw, I only wore my usual oversized sweater and my one and only short jeans at that time. More like, I showed you how my dance costume was like. I actually kind of regretted it back then after I checked all the pics that I wasn't very prepared. Yes, I wasn't, but well I could do much better on next session. 
Frankly speaking, it has always been the kind of thing I want to do since forever. Having me get dressed nicely with the outfits I pick by myself and take a photo or two of it. I always want to show this side of me. Maybe for some of you, you might have seen my previous photos on my social media account in which there's me posing with my outfits. At that time, I did that alone only with tripod and self-timer, so luckily this time I have somebody take the photos for me. Well, tho I think I still need to work more on the expression and all because it's damn awkward when there's somebody else seeing that gaze and some weird gesture of you in real life, like okay I need to chill and don't panic and just do it and forget it, I don't know haha. If only we could bring that kagebunshin to real life so I could take my own photos, oh but well I believe that we all can work on that, can't we? Now that we're progressing, that me and my friend have our own projects to do these media things including photography and dance filming, producing photos and dance videos, I could regularly stay in touch with my all accounts on the internet including this blog. Hope I could stay making these kind of projects forever while I'm earning money from them.

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